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Sering, Antwerp, Belgium

Sering is a socio-artistic workshop that has been active since 1995 in a transboundary way: all ages, social, and cultural backgrounds are brought together in the creative process. Professional stage artists accompany each project, and explore all limits on the artistic level too. The blending of target groups and generations is essential.

Sering works through longterm and intensive processes where room is made for the individual development of all participants. This results in projects with socially vulnerable groups, which put the unconditional living together of people central, and accept differences as they are.

Tswelopele Performing Artists, Tembisa, Zuid-Afrika

Tswepa searches for new means of expression to bring youth in contact with political and social subjects. Tswepa believes that freedom of expression generates a large part of human dignity, and that it can allow young people to play a role in society.

Tswepa comprises a changing group of some twenty youth between the ages of 13 and 28 (often pupils and students from socially vulnerable surroundings), which wants to bring people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds together in an atmosphere of equality through stage arts. The youth are led by Oupa China Malatjie.

Arena y Esteras, Lima, Peru

Arena y Esteras
A (street)theatre group from Villa el Salvador which aims at human development through different art forms. They work around universal themes such as human rights, inter-culturality and gender. The living area, the market place, and the school are their stage.

AyE has been founded to do something about the fact that, since the 1980s, the young people of Villa have had to grow up in the middle of terrorist and military violence. The young people at Arena y Esteras use theatre, painting, and dance as a form of education to tell others of the same age about social and cultural subjects and to teach them how to communicate.

Teatro Pregones, Bronx, US

Pregones is a group of New York based artists of Puerto-Rican origin who work with the oral traditions of the Latino community. They reside in the Bronx and they work closely together with the local community.

Through the years, Pregones developed their own style where theatre, music, and dance are woven together. They work around the oral traditions of the Latino community with an emphasis on urban sensitivity.
In doing so, they link their own history to the indigenous mythological tales.

Debajehmujig Theatre Group, Wikwemikong, Canada

De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group is a professional art organisation dedicated to the vitalisation of the Anishinaabeg culture, language, and heritage. The company makes unique and authentic creations, through which they want to build a bridge between different cultures and generations.

Non-literate societies are often viewed as illiterate or uncivilized societies. There is in fact a misconception about the oral traditions. Even though they are not written, they change depending on the context they are told in, and they serve as traditional lessons. Debaj wants to keep this tradition alive, in memory of their ancestors, as well as to create awareness of the importance of the earth for this generation and for the next.

‘De-ba-jeh-mu-jig’ can be translated as ‘Storytellers’ from the Cree and Ojibway language.

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