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Since our first meeting at the Community Theatre Festival in Rotterdam, we have had several opportunities to meet.

Sering plays the Community Theatre Festival in Rotterdam (the precursor of the ICAF) for the first time. Here they meet Soweto Youth Drama Society (SYDS) led by Peter Ngwenya, the first South-African partner of World Carrousel.

Sering plays the Community Theatre Festival again. This edition is the first all future World Carrousel partners participated in: Arena y Esteras, Pregones and SYDS, as well as Sering.

APRIL 2005
Sering organized the ‘De 14-Daagse van de Broederschap’ (‘The fortnight of the Fellowship’), making it possible for the members of the core group to meet face to face again in Borgerhout (Belgium). This is the last time Peter Ngwenya will be present. Not too much later he becomes seriously ill and passes the torch to his colleague Oupa China Malatjie, founder of TSWEPA. (Peter Ngwenya passes away in 2009.)

Sering travels to the Bronx (May) and to South Africa (October) for further artistic, social, and technological research.

A one week media training takes place in Borgerhout (Belgium), where Pregones, TSWEPA, and Sering meet. In October we arranged a seminar for Arena y Esteras, who were not able to be present in August.

MAY 2009
A week-long meeting in Borgerhout with all partners. During the meeting plans for the following years were developed and presented to other secondary partners from the network of World Carrousel, and a protocol for co-operation was drawn up and signed by the partners in the core group.

Pregones and Sering travel to Tembisa in South Africa where they, together with TSWEPA, give workshops to local children and youth.

International meeting in Borgerhout, where we worked around several subjects. Workshops were given by the South partners to students of participating primary and secondary schools (’t Plantijntje, Villa Stuivenberg, Spectrum, and Marco Polo) concerning differences in culture and lifestyle between the North and the South. Furthermore, the partners received a solid training in the practice of the virtual office and of the open tok system (conference room).

MARCH 2012
In early March 2012, World Carrousel invited the partners to meet in Villa El Salvador, in Peru. Artistic Directors Ana Sophia and Arturo M. hosted Artistic Directors Jorge B. Merced from Pregones Theatre from the Bronx, Bruce Naokwegijig and Joahnna Berti from Debajehmujig and Mia Grijp from Sering in Belgium. We spent a week together meeting and discussing the projects we were all collaborating in (Icons and Symbols, Three Is Enough- Teen Identity and Indigenous Creation Stories from around the world) and those we hope to accomplish in the coming seasons. The week was completed by a presentation and press conference with the Minister of Culture to explain the creative and technical accomplishments of World Carrousel. All partners from South Africa, the USA, Canada and Belgium were present online in the “virtual office” to demonstrate the process of collaboration among the participating organizations.

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