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Three is enough
3 is enough was performed by three actors, and is about problems youth may encounter in their path to adulthood. The show was originally a local project of Sering, but the subject as well as the form turned out to be perfect for a World Carrousel project.

The performance was recorded, subtitled, and forwarded to all partners so they could create their own interpretation of the theme using the original form: three actors appear and disappear behind blankets they pull up themselves, in doing so marking the beginning and the end of each scene.

This form allowed us to edit all scenes of the partners together to create a never ending story.

3 is enough was an existing production that grew into the World Carrousel project Teen identity.

Sering: Featuring: Rania Gaaloul, Souliman De Croock and Raouf Hadj Mohamed
Pregones: Featuring: Omar Pérez, Yaraní Del Valle Piñero en Indio Meléndez
Arena y Esteras: Featuring:

Collage 3 is enough

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