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Homo ludens

Homo ludens
During the start-up phase of this project we brought children in touch with seniors. The aim was to develop a dialogue about playing games. By letting the seniors talk about their childhood, and about how they had to be creative with any available means, the kids learned to be more aware of things they tend to take for granted.

By playing old games together or by making simple toys – the kids were taught by the seniors – they discovered a new and important component of playing, that is using their own imagination and fantasy.

In addition, the partners from the South taught kids of the North how they could make juggling balls and other little instruments with recycled materials, or how to develop a whole role-playing game only using plain stones (Maskitlane). Playing games took on a whole new meaning.

We invite everybody who is interested in this project to join us and click here. We are creating a virtual database where everybody, young and old, can snoop around as much as they want to (re)discover how much fun and how necessary playing really is.

Playing offers space for exploration. Exploration offers prospects for the future.

“Playing has become an exercise in humanity. An exercise for developing one’s body and mind. A measure for the formation of a complete human being, capable of self-reliance, active citizenship and a critical mind.”
(Benjamin R. Barber: ‘De infantiele consument’/’The childish consumer’)

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Homo ludens

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