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(6 years old and up)


Maskitlane is a South African game introduced by TSWEPA which is based on a game with stones. The stones are characters that dialogue with each other. The kids play the game to create their own stories, departing from their own worlds.

The core group uses this method in their educative programs for working with children.
Primary school teachers that want to play this game in their classes and want to share this with the schools of World Carrousel can contact us “here”

Do you want to play Maskitlane at home, alone or with some friends? Click here!

Giant Goon

Giant Goon has lost his heart… The curse can only be lifted when thirteen dozen beating hearts go searching for the most beautiful emotion belonging to the heart and if the two greatest wishes of the giant will be fulfilled as well. Kids of primary schools connected to World Carrousel decided to help the giant with this. They work together to fulfill the wishes and to find the heart. They are assisted by Hanne, an old friend of the giant…
This project is based on the Antwerp legend of Antigoon.

As soon as Giant Goon will have his heart back he will depart on a trip around the world with one very special assignment. You can follow his adventures in the fall on this website.

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