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Pepe's island Sering

Pépé’s island is based on a true story in a Greek village during the Second World War.

A group of kids is looking for rare shells on an uninhabited island. At the eve of their departure, they get lost after a fiery storm leaves the beach unrecognisable. During their search for their ship that will leave the same evening, they learn by coincidence that the island is not actually uninhabited.
When Tommy, the youngest of the group, finds a beautiful shell and wants to take it home with him, the children enter into a strange story… the story of the island where cultures lived together until the sorters came.

Kids and adults in Pépé’s island played live at Sering, but needed the World Carrousel partners to complete the story. Arena y Esteras and TSWEPA connected their stories to the one of Pépé through video.

The Rehearsal Process:

Pepe's island collage

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