worldwide virtual theater carrousel


Testimonials after the meeting of May 2009:

MIA (Belgium): It is necessary to know the daily reality of the partners before we can start to work together.

REBECCA (Belgium): The path we will be walking has become much clearer this week. I truly believe it is feasible. I am very curious about what will happen.

LISSETTE (Belgium): I’m mostly proud to be part of this project. Proud of the work that has already been done done, and proud of the long journey ahead.

OUPA (South Africa): By working together this week we have accomplished what we set out to accomplish. There was definitely a time when I thought: ‘this is impossible,’ but you have to surprise yourself. Every day again. I want to take on the challenge. It seems possible now, with this team. We come from different places but share a common goal. Through World Carrousel we can accomplish this goal. We are strong, powerful and able. I take on the responsibility to represent World Carrousel in Africa.

ARNALDO (Bronx): I have always believed in this project. This mix of artists is unique. It gives me a good feeling to pass on something of value, and to know that it will not be misused. Some things will be lost in translation, but that is okay. The most important things will stay. We work practice based, through art. The next step is to try and make more connections on other planes, for example with universities.

JORGE (Bronx): This week was a natural continuation of the previous work. I have never doubted World Carrousel. We have never doubted each other. We have created. World Carrousel is very hopeful. We have been able to break boundaries. I can advocate World Carrousel now. It may sometimes fail, but we will learn and become stronger. Others will learn to see World Carrousel’s true potential.

ANA SOFÍA (Peru): We have truly worked together this week. Even from here, Peru! It’s more than a concept. We have fleshed out the structure. We have designed a path to walk on together. We step into something new, unknown, and that charges us with a great responsibility. We have to keep evolving, stay flexible. We may speak different languages, but we all want to reach the same goal. So we have to go slow. Never lose sight of each other. We are building a new way of working together, in hopes of offering this new way to the world one day. Language creates obstacles, but we will create a new universal language. I am thankful for the opportunity of participating in this.

JULIO (Peru): I am surprised that such different groups can rally after a common objective. How through art you can so easily integrate a social movement. The confidence that you have built up together will strengthen you as a group and will push you forward. There are no competitive feelings here. I am grateful to be here. World Carrousel will have a long life. Many theories about virtual collaboration exist, but they have never been realised. In my experience as an information technician I have never experienced people actually working together through all of this new technology; however, it is clearly successful here.

ARTURO (Peru): I find myself living a cherished and longed after dream. I surrender to the dream. I have faith in it. The dream will teach me. And the dream will show me the way. This is a project about tolerance. It’s a big responsibility we are all taking back home — not as a heavy burden but as an enormous joy.

MIA (Belgium): We are aware of the value of the material that was offered to us from the South. We have to respect it, inform our communities about it, and give them a way to work with and care for each other.